MSNBC panel ridicules Donald Trump giving Fox News a ‘nonsense’ list of things he did since being elected
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

A panel of MSNBC commentators and political analysts couldn't help but ridicule President Donald Trump for his new claim that he has done more in his first term than he promised, touting the "Space Force."

"I would strengthen what we have done and do new things," Trump told Fox News' Steve Hilton in a Sunday interview. "Space Force, as an example, I have done more -- I have an interesting distinction, and actually sort of a bad person in terms of doesn't like Republicans or me said Trump is whether you like him or not, he's done more than he said he was going to do, like, I never mentioned Space Force, that campaign, and we did Space Force, and I never mentioned a lot of things."

"We did space force, apparently," said MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.

"Space Force. Wow. And he also 'built the wall," said Republican Elise Jordan using air quotes.

"It just is mind-blowing that Donald Trump consistently cannot answer this simple question of what he is going to do in a second term," she continued. "Sean Hannity gave him, I believe, three tries at it, and friendly commentators have asked him the question. And yet he just veers into absolute nonsense and only provides more fodder for his critics who say he's only in office for himself, which is clearly and demonstrably the truth at this point. Donald Trump is operating for his personal interests and not the national interests, and his primary interest is his ego and feeding and fueling the narcissism, as his niece, Mary, wrote in her excellent book."

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