MSNBC’s ‘demotion’ of 'feckless' Chuck Todd celebrated: ‘Hurray! More Nicolle, less Chuck’
Screengrab of Nicolle Wallace and Chuck Todd, photo by Gage Skidmore.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd was moved to an earlier timeslot where his show, "Meet the Press Daily," will likely earn lower ratings. Meanwhile, Nicolle Wallace seems to have been promoted to a two-hour timeslot leading into primetime.

Wallace, who has extensive experience in Washington, previously served in George W. Bush's White House until abandoning the GOP as the era of Trump came to power.

Todd has made several missteps where he's been unwilling to press GOP leaders who lie openly and obviously on camera.

The staff change was a welcome one to those online who have called on MSNBC to be more open to women and people of color serving as show hosts. Weekend host Joy Reid was passed over previously when there were calls for MSNBC to add a Black host. Finally, she has been added to the prime-time lineup with her show "The Reidout."

The Todd move is another case where it seems MSNBC is willing to listen to demands from viewers.

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