Networks need to cut away from Trump's convention every time he lies: CNN conservative
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm)

During a panel discussion on CNN's "Reliable Sources," conservative commentator, Amanda Carpenter warned the major cable networks to not air every moment of the Republican National Convention if the president begins lying about life and death matters.

According to the Republican who once wrote speeches for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the president should be fact-checked in real-time because a lot of "low information" voters will likely be watching.

Speaking with host Brian Stelter, Carpenter explained, “All the networks need to cover this as a major medical disinformation campaign event based on two themes. One, the election is rigged and, two, that Donald Trump thinks that he has a miracle coronavirus cure on the way. Both of these ideas are dangerous to our health and democracy."

"There’s a lot of low-information voters tuning in for the first time…. The networks have a higher responsibility to keep people safe,” she insisted

Carpenter went on to add that networks should not be afraid to "break-in" and put experts on to provide viewers with facts.

"It will call for expertise," she advised. "I think networks should not be afraid to break in and put an election expert or medical expert on the air."

"Our nation has 175,000 Americans dead. and the news networks need to take a deep reflection and look inside themselves to see if they are going to be responsible for pushing more of this kind of thinking with a free pass for the next four nights," she added.

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