Pennsylvania teen issues violent threat to defend friend from racism accusation: 'I can show you what a real hate crime is'
Andrew James Smith

A Pennsylvania man was charged with making terroristic threats after a Black teenager accused his friend of being racist.

A friend of Andrew Smith, of Chalfont, attacked a Central Bucks West High School student by name and used racial slurs, reported the Bucks County Courier Times.

Smith's friend, who has not been charged, lashed out at the teen for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and said her views “make me wanna commit a black hate crime,” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 19-year-old Smith then defended his friend in a Snapchat post.

“This is America, and u can speak your mind as long as it’s not a threat to someone else’s life, and the ‘hate crime’ was hypothetical and not directed at her,” Smith wrote, according to court documents.

A friend of the teenage girl then called out Smith, who called that Black friend "literally the whitest person ever," and he then ignored his own advice from just hours earlier and threatened a hate crime.

“Like, I can show you what a real hate crime is,” Smith said in a video posted on Snapchat. “Like, I’ve got a gun, do you want me to?”

Smith was arrested afterward, but police found no firearms in his home or vehicles he had access to, investigators said.

He was charged with terroristic threats and harassment and held on $200,000 bond.