Republicans have a clear favorite for Biden's running mate
Joe Biden, official White House photo by David Lienemann

Republicans are hoping Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as his running mate, because there's already a built-in wealth of Fox News programming against her.

President Barack Obama's former national security adviser has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories on the conservative network, so viewers are primed to fear and loathe her, reported Politico.

“I can’t think of anyone that is more polarizing who would fire up the base than Susan Rice,” said former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, now a Fox News commentator. “They know her, and they don’t like her.”

Rice has been accused of unmasking the identities of President Donald Trump's associates in 2016 after they were snared by U.S. surveillance of foreign officials, and she was a key figure in the extensive investigations into the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

“She is absolutely our No. 1 draft pick,” said a Trump campaign official.

Rice would help fire up the GOP base that's been drifting away from Trump, but Republicans doubt those fever-swamp conspiracies would help attract the independent voters he needs to win re-election.

“The base is already pretty energized,” said GOP strategist John Feehery. “If you put in Susan Rice, I don’t think it’s as helpful as people think. I think the No. 1 thing he needs to talk about is getting the economy going. Rice doesn’t scratch that itch.”