Republicans who think they can clean up Trumpism are too late -- 'Donnie Death Touch killed it': Rick Wilson

Writing in the Daily Beast this Tuesday, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that the recent Republican National Convention signaled the death of the Republican Party.

"Night one of the Trump Org Multi-Level Marketing Super-SalesCon Living Your Best Life Maximum Potential Oh My God The Black People Are Coming Unlimited Scream Fest 2020 achieved a level of Trump-adulation where even the North Koreans were likely saying, 'Bro, ease back.' He wasn’t just the nominee, he was the — ahem — 'Defender of Western Civilization' according to tween heartthrob and Turning Point USA frontman Charlie Kirk," Wilson writes.

Wilson acknowledges that while the words of speakers like Nikki Haley and Tim Scott were somewhat redeemable, they weren't enough to offset the convention's central theme of fear mongering.

" was a not-so secret handoff, a transition to the new moment when the Party of Reagan and Lincoln finally degenerated into the Party of Trump, Tucker, and Hannity once and for all. RIP, GOP. All hail the Trump Party," Wilson continued.

If more reasonable Republicans like Haley or Scott think they can clean up Trumpism, they're sorely mistaken, according to Wilson. If they think they can "run it though a car wash, and come out with a party that isn’t in the grip of a celebrity personality cult driven by authoritarian statism and nationalist populism," it's too late.

"Donnie Death Touch killed it."

Read the full op-ed over at The Daily Beast.