RNC staffers ‘work overtime’ to counter Trump’s message on mail-in ballots: ‘It’s our people who won’t vote’
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

Workers in Donald  Trump's campaign are being forced to assure Republican voters that it is okay to vote by mail because the president is making them afraid that their vote won't count.

According to CNN, "While President Donald Trump continues to attack mail-in voting, the massive political machine trying to get him reelected is working hard to assure Republican voters that mail-in ballots are safe to use this fall. "

As the report notes, the Trump Victory Fund has been working with the RNC to train workers to get the vote out, but they are running up against resistance from some supporters of the president who are receiving mixed signals, with CNN reporting, "Much of that effort involves combating misinformation that has come directly from the President."

Detailing the extensive training volunteers are going through, CNN reports, "It's all in stark contrast to Trump's own mixed message on voting by mail, which he has disparaged (without evidence) as unfair and at risk for widespread fraud."

"Further complicating the situation are the numerous lawsuits brought by the Trump campaign and the Republican party to try limiting mail-in voting access in states across the country," the report continues. "That has led to suspicion among some Republican-leaning voters of the practice, and caused frustration among administration officials and GOP allies who believe the President's rhetoric is doing more harm than good."

According to a person close to the president, he is making everyone's job harder.

"It's not smart," they confided. "When we are eventually forced to have mail-in ballots, it's our people who won't vote because they don't trust the system."

CNN goes on to note that there is evidence the president's anti-mail-in campaign may hurt the entire Republican Party.

"There is growing evidence that Trump has been effective in sowing doubt over mail-in voting -- particularly among his own base. That is borne out by recent polls, including a CNN poll that found just 12% of Trump supporters say they will vote by mail compared to 53% of Joe Biden supporters who say they will," the report concludes.