Secret Service director needs to prepare to remove Trump from office by force: Legal analyst
President Donald Trump

On MSNBC Saturday, legal analyst and The Nation writer Elie Mystal warned that the Secret Service should prepare for the possibility they will have to remove President Donald Trump unwillingly from the White House if he loses the election.

"James Murray is the head of the United States Department of Secret Service, and at some point, it is going to be on him to save the republic," said Mystal.

"Wait," said host Jonathan Capehart. "Talk about that more real quick. Why him?"

"Trump is going to lose," said Mystal. "He will have to be taken away once he loses, and the first person who can do that is the head of the Secret Service. That's how Trump forces us to think. We have to ask what [Mark] Esper thinks about moving the election. We have to start asking what Chad Wolf, Department of Homeland Stormtroopers, thinks about moving the election. That is where we are. And James Murray, who is Trump's hand-picked head of the Secret Service ... That guy is going to have a role to play before this is all over."

Watch below: