The GOP doesn’t deserve a future if all it can come up with are Trumpists like Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton: conservative
Sen. Tom Cotton, photo by Michael Vadon.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot unleashed on the Republican Party, saying that if their only solution to Trumpism is the likes of Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) then they don't deserve to have a future.

He cited a David Brooks column, in which the New York Times columnist suggested a "high-minded debate to define the nature of the GOP" among the youngish senators Cotton, Rubio, Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ben Sasse (R-NE).

"Brooks’s column accurately reflects what these senators are saying," said Boot. "But, I’m sorry, I can’t take any of their high-minded blather seriously. Not when they have spent the past four years acting as enablers for the worst president in U.S. history — or at least the worst in the past 151 years. Trump’s malign presidency has not only left 16.3 million unemployed and at least 159,000 dead. The wreckage he leaves behind also includes the smoking ruins of conservative ideology."

He questioned the conservative nature about supporting the president's unilateral power to issue his own executive orders on taxes and spending when the Constitution outlines that as the responsibility of Congress.

"What is conservative about misusing the presidency for personal gain?" Boot asked. "That is what Trump has done by trying to blackmail Ukraine into helping his campaign, reportedly telling a U.S. ambassador to pressure the British government to hold the British Open at a Trump resort, ignoring the intelligence community’s warnings about Russian election interference, and countless other acts of pathological selfishness."

He asked about the conservative nature of undermining trade relationships that took decades to build, which is what he said Trump did by abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris climate agreement or withdrawing troops from Germany.

"What is conservative about punishing patriotic truth-tellers such as Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman while pardoning alleged war criminals, insulting veterans and appointing a racist conspiracy-monger to a senior position at the Defense Department?" Boot continued.

He hammered the GOP on immigration, their addiction to conspiracy theories, ignoring science and medicine, non-stop name-calling, and more.

"Trump’s entire presidency has been an affront to what conservatives used to think their movement was all about," said Boot. "And yet at every step of the way, Rubio, Hawley, Cotton and Sasse have been Trump’s willing accomplices. Not one of the four voted to impeach Trump or even to call witnesses so as to have a proper impeachment trial. They have praised Trump a good deal and criticized him obliquely and infrequently."

He closed by saying that he can't take anything the Republicans say seriously because they've shown time and again that they, like Trump, put themselves first before the American people.

"If they are the leaders who will define the future of the Republican Party, the party doesn’t deserve to have a future," said Boot.

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