'There was a little too much Trump there': former GOP lawmaker says personality cult took center stage at RNC
Former House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers (R-MI)/ CNN screen shot

On CNN Tuesday, former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) discussed the Republican National Convention's first night — and outlined a serious problem with the GOP's strategy.

"What did you hear last night that struck you, and what do you think was effective?" asked anchor Alisyn Camerota.

"I'll start with the effective piece. I thought it was great to have people of color talking about why they still believe in America, why they believe that America is a great place and will be even a better place," said Rogers. However, he added, "I thought there was too much Trump there."

"You know, part of my argument is if it's a personality decision between Trump and Biden, Trump is going to lose," said Rogers. "I would have lessened on the family participation, I know where they'll be and I thought the Trump segments, to me, didn't fit. He should have had third party validators talking about the things they wanted to highlight, that happened good in first term. It was a mixed bag ... Republicans saying the suburbs are going away. I'm not sure I'm shocked by that. I don't like it. But hopefully we can get to again policy over a personality, and that's where I think they maybe missed the boat last night."

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