'Months to prepare': Trump’s ‘disarray’ after Kamala Harris joins Biden mocked on Morning Joe
President Donald Trump leaves the White House briefing room (screengrab)

MSNBC's John Heilemann marveled at the "total disarray" in President Donald Trump's response to Sen. Kamala Harris joining the Democratic ticket.

The president has seemed even more off than usual since Joe Biden named the California Democrat his running mate, the "Morning Joe" contributor said, although Trump and the Republican Party should have been prepared for that likely scenario.

"If you think about the metrics by which we judge in politics, a VP rollout, they controlled the timing, didn't have a leak that came out, got out ahead of them," Heilemann said. "All the electronic means they used on Tuesday to get the word out, 24 hours later you had a unified Democratic Party. No faction of the party taking potshots at the pick. Not just unified but enthused, donors writing checks. Small donors on the web giving the campaign its biggest fund-raising campaign in history. Everything you could want on the Democratic side and rave reviews from the press. A candidate who cleared the bar ready to be commander in chief. No one questioning their qualifications, and on the Republican side, total disarray in terms of what the message is supposed to be."

Heilemann said the president's attacks against Harris have fallen flat despite having months to prepare.

"You had the event yesterday, no clear, concise message, no negative frame to go after her," he said. "Even though she was the frontrunner for months. If there was anyone to prepare for, this was the woman to prepare for. They had months to prepare for her, and then when she got picked they had nothing to say about Kamala Harris. Nothing consistent, nothing damaging, negative."