Trump adviser Navarro hammered on NBC for president fleeing to his country club as COVID relief talks stalled

Donald Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro was put on the spot on Sunday morning when "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd asked him why the president headed to one of his country clubs for a three-day weekend while the Congress is still fighting over a much-needed COVID-19 stimulus package.

With Navarro complaining about the D.C. "swamp" and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying: "It doesn’t help when Speaker Pelosi goes out after every day, with her scarves flying and just beats the heck out of us for being cruel people,” host Todd immediately pushed back.

“Where is the president?" the NBC shot back. " Why was he at his golf club all weekend? Why isn’t he negotiating? Look, I understand you guys don’t like each other, that Nancy Pelosi and the president [but] where is he? Why isn’t he involved?”

Navarro countered by calling Trump “the hardest-working president in history” who “works 24/7."

Watch below: