Trump announces Friday night news conference at Bedminster Golf Club -- as mask-less members sip wine: report
President Donald Trump

The leader of the free world will be holding a rare, Friday evening news conference while vacationing at his private, members-only golf course in New Jersey.

The president arrived at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster on Thursday evening and spent Friday there while White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin "did not make any progress" during the negotiations.

CNN chief White House correspondent Jake Tapper reported, "Trump expected to talk about collapse of coronavirus relief talks, we are told."

According to the White House pool report, Trump will be speaking from a ballroom.

"Right now from my vantage point - dozens and dozens of club members, in golf gear and some holding wine glasses - have filed into the ballroom. Only a handful of the dozens of club members were seen wearing masks, and their temperatures were being taken as they went into the ballroom. It’s unclear if the club members will be present for the news conference with the President," the pool report read.

The mask-less members at the club may be violating New Jersey regulations, as was reported by Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink.

Pictures from the scene: