Trump campaign keeps holding campaign events — with ‘varying levels of safety precautions’: report
Donald Trump at Tampa airport (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's campaign is continuing to hold in-person events, even after his controversial Tulsa rally was blamed by many as potentially having caused the death of Herman Cain.

"Last weekend alone, as part of the Trump campaign's '100 Days Out Weekend,' the Trump team held at least 70 events ranging from veteran outreach to voter registration drives from Mohave County, Arizona, to Madison, Maine, according to the Republican Party's public schedule," ABC News reported Saturday.

"Events have featured varying levels of safety precautions," ABC reported. "Many do not implement social distancing while some do, and no Trump campaign events nationwide require masks to attend, according to multiple sources."

"When asked about safety measures taken at these events, the campaign did not provide specific details," ABC noted.

Images posted to social media show many Trump supporters refusing to wear masks.