Trump campaign's attempt to terrify white suburban women is flopping: report
President Donald Trump during “chopper talk” on the South Lawn of the White House as he departed for Florida (screengrab)

President Donald Trump for the past several weeks has tried making appeals to "suburban housewives" by warning them that Democratic rival Joe Biden will flood their communities with "low-income housing" that will purportedly bring crime and destruction.

However, Politico reports that the president's entreaties to suburban women are so far falling on deaf ears, as many women in who live in suburban North Carolina said they see right through the president's scare tactics.

"He fuels the fire and wants to make people like me feel like it’s coming this way,” said Susan Sandler, a resident of Cornelius, North Carolina. "It’s just Trump’s rhetoric to try to scare people."

72-year-old Sue Rankin-White, meanwhile, said that she was not at all afraid of the prospect of riots breaking out in her suburban community due to Joe Biden getting elected.

"I haven’t heard anyone voice concerns about being afraid that angry mobs are going to come out this way," she said.

And Meredith Wolverton, a Trump supporter who is opposed to COVID-19 restrictions in her community, told Politico that she's "not concerned" about riots exploding on her street if Biden becomes president.

North Carolina state Sen. Natasha Marcus told the publication that Trump's attacks on low-income housing are particularly out of touch with what suburban voters actually want.

“I want affordable housing. Because guess who lives in affordable housing? Teachers. Police officers,” she said. “So when Trump says, ‘I’m going to stop that program, so you don’t have to worry, suburban housewives,’ it’s like: Are you talking to me?”