Trump facing massive electoral vote wipeout as campaign continues to flounder: MSNBC election analyst

Based upon current state-by-state polling, which is naturally subject to change, MSNBC's resident election analyst predicted Donald Trump will suffer an embarrassing defeat in November unless his campaign can come up with something to stop his collapsing approval numbers.

Standing before a US map, analyst Steve Kornacki broke down for host Yasmin Vossoughian the president's uphill battle to get within striking distance of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"What we have here is our first look from NBC at what the electoral map looks like right now," he explained before adding, "Things could change."

"Remember, Trump had 306 on election night, 2016. How many does as he have as of now in August? We think he only has 125 in the bag and we think Biden is sitting there at 334 -- these are the states that are solidly Biden and the states that are leaning Biden."

"What we're seeing is big gains for the Democrats," he continued. "Where are the Democratic gains on this map from 2016? Six states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin -- we talked about those -- all of the polling in those states have been very encouraging for the Democrats, plus Arizona and Florida -- that is a big one, 29 electoral votes -- and North Carolina. Those six states, we think, right now, are leaning toward and moving toward the Biden column and those six states add to what Hillary Clinton had: 334."

Kornacki added that the Trump campaign is now being forced to play on defense by trying to keep the states they won in 2016 because they have made no inroads on states Clinton won.

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