Trump has now predicted COVID will 'go away' in each of the last seven months

President Donald Trump on Wednesday told "Fox & Friends" that the novel coronavirus "will go away, like things go away."

As Democratic political operative Daniel Wessel notes on Twitter, this is not the first time the president has made bold declarations about the virus disappearing.

Back in February, Trump said the virus "miraculously goes away," then said in March that "it'll go away," and then in April declared that "it's going away."

The president slightly switched up his messaging in May when he said, "This virus is going to disappear," before going back to saying "it's going away" in June and then saying "It's going to disappear" in July.

All told, the president has declared that the virus will "go away" or "disappear" in each of the last seven months, during which confirmed COVID-19 infections have soared to more than 4.7 million and COVID-19 deaths in the United States have surpassed 156,000.