Donald Trump is backed by the 'most prejudiced American voters we've ever seen': John Dean
John Dean speaks on MSNBC/Screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former White House attorney John Dean -- who served under President Richard Nixon -- described the people who are fully behind Donald Trump's re-election as bigots and said it will take a "tsunami" of voters showing up in November to remove the president from office.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Dean first began by pointing out the president's authoritarian tendencies before being asked how the president still has so much support in the country and whether his most ardent supporters can be reached.

"Is there any hope in reaching these folks?" host Witt asked.

"There is a small chance," he replied. "The only way to be sure is to defeat them, and they're going to be around after he's gone, regardless of what happens to Trump. They're going to be looking for the next leader. They've now migrated into the Republican Party ranks or independents that lean Republican. They will be around for a long time and we'll have to deal with them in a lot of elections."

Asked to elaborate he replied, "When they're told how prejudiced they are, they're not happy to know that, and they'll try to deal with it. But this is the exception, the social dominator types, the people who are would-be leaders, they're proud of their prejudice."

"But what he has really done, he has gathered a coalition of maybe the most prejudiced American voters we've ever seen and they're a force to reckon with," he continued. "And the only way to really deal with them is going to be a tsunami election that puts them, if you will, out of any kind of popular vote or where their beliefs that are very undemocratic are tolerated by the vast majority."

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