Trump is giving a gift to Democrats speaking every night of the Republican convention: Conservative columnist
Donald Trump yelling during the 2016 Republican National Convention/Screenshot

Conservative Washington Post columnist warned President Donald Trump's allies that the president appearing every night of the Republican National Convention is a gift to Democrats.

Jennifer Rubin explained that former Vice President Joe Biden has a more traditional campaign geared toward the Democratic Party, not just about him. Trump, by contrast, will appear every night and speak. It's a remarkable metaphor for the Republican Party to hold a convention that is all about Trump because the party has been taken over by him. Not accepting him, typically means a Republican losing their position.

"Certainly, Biden — but more often his staff — condemns Trump's egregious racism, misogyny, and xenophobia," wrote Rubin. "However, unlike Hillary Clinton's campaign, the Biden campaign is not designed to show what an awful human Trump is. That's a given. What they want to say rather is simple: He failed. You're hurting. We're the grown-ups to clean up the mess.

She explained that there are three major advantages that Biden and Harris have over Trump.

"First, every time Trump opens his mouth, he confirms that he is an incompetent narcissist who has no idea about the concerns of ordinary Americans," wrote Rubin. She noted that Trump appearing and lecturing the country in the way he does his press briefings isn't likely to be received well.

Trump singing his own praises, saying the pandemic will disappear and promising everything is fine isn't likely to go over well.

"Second, the right track/wrong track numbers have blown up in Trump's face," noted Rubin citing the update to the RealClearPolitics polling average, showing that 70 percent of Americans said that they believe the country is on the wrong track. She cited unemployment and underemployment numbers, eviction rate, and a slew of other problems Americans are facing.

"Third, both Biden and Harris have deprived Trump of the 'socialist' target Republicans yearned to confront," said Rubin. It isn't that Republicans haven't tried to tie Biden and other Democrats to socialism. It's an argument they've been using for decades with ridiculous hyperbole that has turned the argument into a boy who cried wolf. Attorney General Bill Barr even tried a new tactic of calling liberal anti-fascist activists fascists. At some point, it becomes a joke.

"Yes, the Democrats have a robust and progressive agenda, but they are not outlawing private health-care insurance. They are not condemning capitalism. The charge that they are crazy leftists simply falls flat," wrote Rubin.

She closed by saying that the race will certainly tighten but that the GOP won't be able to keep "Trump tied up in that underground bunker, out of sight of the news." If there's one thing Trump can't resist, it's a camera.

"However, barring an unforeseen disaster, the Biden-Harris team looks on track to claim a commanding victory. It is telling that the Biden camp's biggest concern these days is neither Trump nor their own ticket, but rather Trump's efforts to delegitimize and disrupt an election he in all likelihood is going to lose — by a lot," Rubin closed.

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