Trump lies that it is Biden — not him — who has ignored science about COVID-19
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump tried to attack former Vice President for "ignoring scientific evidence" about the coronavirus during the pandemic. It's an ironic lie given the president once championed injecting disinfectant and shoving a UV light inside one's body to fight the virus.

“At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus - ignoring the scientific evidence," said Trump.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale called it false.

Trump then said that Biden is "playing politics" by turning the virus into a campaign talking point. It's one of the major reasons that Trump has fallen in the polls, so it's not shocking that Trump is begging for Democrats to stop talking about the failures of his leadership on the coronavirus.

Trump also attacked Biden for not coming out of his basement, something he does almost daily. He took it even further in Thursday's briefing by saying that Biden would lock other Americans in their basements too. It's unclear what Trump thinks Biden will do to people who don't have basements, he didn't comment.

As the Lincoln Project pointed out, it's still illegal for Trump to bash his political opponent during an official government briefing.

Watch below: