Trump 'oozes a lack of confidence' since Biden picked Harris as his running mate: columnist

According to John Bennett writing for the Independent, Donald Trump appears visibly deflated since former Vice President Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate.

With all indications being the Trump 2020 campaign was not prepared for the choice of the former California Attorney General to complete the Democratic national ticket, the columnist said the president's speech late Wednesday was flat and listless, indicating a president who is getting worn down by a Democratic campaign that appears to still be rising.

Comparing the president's demeanor last Friday where he lobbed attacks at Democrats, Bennett wrote of Wednesday's press conference stating the president spoke in "... in a flat monotone while making misleading statement after misleading statement," while also noting Trump seemed unprepared.

"To be sure, gone is the swashbuckling commander in chief who issued daily screeds about crushing Joe Biden in the fall – perhaps even in a landslide decision," he wrote before adding, "Trump practically oozes a lack of confidence these days, and appears fully aware of his rancid poll numbers and the uphill climb he faces to win a second term."

"This is a president who has completely lost his 'I am the ‘Chosen One' swagger," he continued. "One minute, Trump appears to have almost nothing left in the tank. The next, he’s back to his old rhetorical bomb-throwing self. There is no better example of his hot-and-cold running re-election strategy than his message about Kamala Harris joining the Democratic ticket."

According to Bennett, the president is likely to be on the receiving end of more bad news as polls start to take into account the addition of Harris and will learn that his attacks on her so far haven't stopped his slide.

"So far, all he has to rebut Harris is name-calling. As Americans continue to reject his handling of the pandemic, with a poll released this week showing they even now trust Democrats more than him and Republicans to create jobs. That had long been a strong point for him. No more, "he explained. "Expect Biden to see two bounces in coming polls, one from his selection and mostly smooth rollout of the junior senator from California as his running mate and one from next week’s Democratic National Convention where he will address the country and accept the party’s nomination on Thursday night."

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