Trump pledges fealty to Fox host on UFOs: ‘I’ll do whatever you ask me to do — including total transparency’
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump may have put a Fox Business personality in charge of aliens during a Tuesday interview.

"A lot of my friends are very concerned about what the federal government is doing when it comes to UFOs," Lou Dobbs said. "Are you going to commit more resources to exploring UFOs and opening the documents to the public?"

"Well, I think you're the -- probably in this country -- you're the UFO expert, so I'm going to be totally guided by the great Lou Dobbs. And I will tell you that I'll do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency," Trump replied.

"Well Mr. President, I couldn't have asked for a better answer, thank you," Dobbs said. "Thank you so much, I'll be calling your office soon to get that underway."