Trump speech attendees underwent no screening at all for COVID-19 before packing onto White House lawn

President Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for re-election before more than 1,500 supporters packed onto the White House lawn, with virtually no efforts to fight the coronavirus.

Few attendees wore masks or got tested for COVID-19 before the last night of the Republican National Convention, and two attendees say they weren't screened at all for signs of illness before gathering in front of the president, reported the Washington Post.

Those two attendees told the newspaper they weren't offered tests or asked whether they had any symptoms, and their temperatures weren't taken before the event.

Medical experts said the event, which showed guests sitting shoulder to shoulder just feet away from the president and other speakers, set a poor example during an ongoing pandemic that's already killed more than 180,000 people.

"When you see this type of event," said Amesh Adalja, an ­infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University, "it cements the fact that they have never taken this outbreak seriously from the beginning."