Trump thinks he's going to win New York in November
President Donald Trump speaking at the annual NRA convention in 2019. (Screenshot/YouTube)

President Donald Trump has occasionally bragged that New Yorkers he knows are growing more and more frustrated with the leadership in the state.

“I live in New York. Even the most Liberal friends that I have are thinking twice about voting Democrat this time because they’ve seen what’s happened to the City under @NYCMayor de Blasio and the State under @NYGovCuomo - They’re getting eaten up by taxes,” Trump quoted Fox pal David Asman.

As Trump told the New York Post that he'll win New York

“I’ll solve the crime problem. I’ll solve their tax problem. I’ll solve all their problems. Who would not vote for me?” Trump explained to the paper. “We’re going to look into SALT, we’re going to look into crime, we’re going to look into all of the things and solve the problems — of many problems that they have in New York.”

"SALT” stands for "state and local tax," which Trump thinks should be shifted so such tax payments couldn’t be used as federal tax deductions. Economists estimate it would cost New Yorkers about $15 billion.