Trump will be shut down by the Supreme Court if he makes last ditch attempt to hide his taxes: MSNBC legal analyst
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

Discussing yet another setback to Donald Trump's legal challenge to keep his tax returns secret, MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang stated on Saturday morning that the president will likely have to take his case to the Supreme Court where he will be rebuffed.

On Thursday a federal judge denied Trump lawyers appeal to block a Manhattan district attorney from obtaining his tax returns after they called the request “wildly overbroad.”

With another appeal expected to be taken up next week, Phang said that the president will run to the Supreme Court again despite the fact that they have already ruled against him on the issue.

"Well, I think the answer that everybody wants to hear is, oh, we would get these returns before the November election date -- but no," she began. "Listen, even if the returns were turned over by [accounting firm] Mazars to the grand jury, it's a grand jury subpoena. So , unfortunately, grand juries, these are secretive, confidential proceedings. So even if Cyrus Vance's office was to be successful, no one in the public is going to be seeing these tax returns."

"But the longer answer also involves the reality which is Donald Trump can go to the Supreme Court to block it again, but I doubt the Supreme Court would rule in his favor if it makes it there," she continued.

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