WATCH: Scuffles erupt at packed California church that is defying COVID-19 restrictions

Despite a judge's restraining order, a California church held an indoor worship service and filled its 440-capacity church with people, most of whom were not wearing masks.

According to a report from ABC8 News, as parishioners gathered at the church on Sunday morning, a crowd swelled outside consisting of those who supported the church's stance and counter-protesters. Soon enough, confrontations started taking place.

One scuffle erupted after a a counter-protester used his sign to tap on another man's head, causing a commotion that resulted in a woman being kicked to the ground. According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Buschow, there were numerous scuffles that broke out in the crowd of up to 150 people, but there were no arrests.

Supporters of the church held up signs with phrases such as “1st amendment right to assemble” and “stop the tyranny,” while counter-protesters’ signs included one that read: “This church endangers us all.”

The church, Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newberry Park, California, was sued by officials in Ventura County officials who say its repeated indoor services were a threat to public safety.

Watch a report on the story from ABC8 News below: