WATCH: Trump threatens to send law enforcement to polling places during Fox News interview
President Donald Trump wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat while talking on the phone inside the Oval Office (Facebook).

President Donald Trump phoned into Fox News on Thursday as he attempted counterprogramming during the Democratic National Convention that other networks were covering.

Fox personality Sean Hannity asked if Trump would have poll watchers.

"We're going to have everything," Trump replied.

"We're going to sheriffs and we're going to have law enforcement and we're going to have hopefully U.S. Attorneys and we're going to have everybody, and attorney generals (sic)," Trump argued.

For decades, Republicans were banned from such actions after being caught intimidating voters.

"After more than three decades, Republicans are free of a federal court consent decree that sharply limited the Republican National Committee's ability to challenge voters' qualifications and target the kind of fraud President Donald Trump has alleged affected the 2016 presidential race," Politico reported in 2018.

"The decree, which dated to 1982, arose from a Democratic National Committee lawsuit charging the RNC with seeking to discourage African-Americans from voting through targeted mailings warning about penalties for violating election laws and by posting armed, off-duty law enforcement officers at the polls in minority neighborhoods," Politico explained.