'We need a reality check here': CNN's Bash cuts off Kudlow's rambling spin on Trump's unemployment plans

An alternately amused and baffled Dana Bash was forced to cut off Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow on CNN Sunday morning as he attempted to spin the president's plans to help out the unemployed with income supplements, changing his numbers from $400 to $800 to $1,200 all within three to four sentences.

Pressed about the president's executive order calling for a $400 supplement -- with $100 coming from the states at Trump's demand -- the State of the Union fill-in host tried to cut through Kudlow's veering from dollar amount to dollar amount to get a clearer understanding of what the president is proposing.

As the Trump appointee kept tossing out changing numbers and seeming unable to explain where he was getting them from, the CNN host felt the need to interject and with a "reality check."

"We need a bit of a reality check here," she said as she cut him off. "You do agree that the only way this could possibly happen is if the states actually ask for it and create a whole new system, and is that what your expectation is?"

"That's like topping it off, state benefits," he attempted. "We're talking about averages here across the country, but state benefits run about $300, $400."

"We're just talking about the enhanced unemployment benefit, let's leave that out of the conversation," Bash countered. "What makes you think that states have that $100 a week per person who is unemployed in their state to even put into this potential pot of money?"

'Well, I think they will be able to make room," Kudlow replied. "Our estimates from the Treasury Department in terms of the CARES Act. One was that the states have not spent all the money that was allocated to them and that there is considerable overflow that they could make use of. We are going to operate on the same principle in the executive order -- we will be repurposing funds from other areas."

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