‘What the heck are you doing?’ DeJoy hearing erupts as Dem lawmaker slams the postmaster for ‘screwing up’ mail delivery
Louis DeJoy and Rep. Stephen Lynch (C-SPAN2)

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) excoriated President Donald Trump's postmaster general for interfering with the centuries-old postal service's constitutional function.

Postmaster general Louis DeJoy appeared before the House Oversight Committee to answer for changes he recently implemented that have led to delays and concerns about the ability for Americans to confidently vote by mail.

"As a member of this House committee I'm supposed to ask you a question," Lynch said. "In my heart I'm tempted to ask, after 240 years of patriotic service, how can one person screw this up just a few weeks? I understand you bring private sector expertise, I guess we couldn't find a government worker who could screw it up this fast. It would take them a while."

"The president is running this post office like a business," Lynch added. "He's running it into the ground as he has declared bankruptcy a few times on his own businesses, and in an effort to apply the facts, the real facts, not the alternative facts, based on what you have actually done, one can only reach as a fact finder, we can only reach two conclusions. One, either through gross incompetence you have ended the 240-year history of delivering the mail reliably on time, or the second conclusion that we could gather is you're doing this on purpose and that you're deliberately dismantling this once-proud tradition."

Lynch's time expired as he finished, but he went back in for another dig before DeJoy responded.

"My last question is this," Lynch said. "What the heck are you doing?"