'$70,000 for haircuts?': Trump ripped by ex-GOP lawmaker for letting taxpayers subsidize his lifestyle
Former GOP lawmaker Charlie Dent appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Former GOP lawmaker Charlie Dent blew up on Donald Trump on Monday morning following a New York Times report on his taxes that revealed the president has been living a lavish life while letting taxpayers subsidize his business failures with tax breaks.

According to the former House member from Pennsylvania, Americans should be outraged that the president wrote off over $70,000 for hairstyling while only chipping in $750 in federal taxes.

Speaking with "New Day" host Alisyn Camerota, Dent immediately went on the attack when asked about the report.

"Wow," he began. "I mean, it just strikes me that people are going to ask, you know, is their president a tax cheat? That's the obvious question. He just deducted $70,000 for haircuts for heaven's sake? I pay $25 every other month. $150 a year for haircuts."

"Do you think he's not getting his money's worth, Charlie?" host Camerota quipped.

'Yes! Of course not!" he exclaimed. "I should introduce him to my barber, Jimmy Moyer in Allentown. People in Allentown and Scranton are paying $20 to 25 bucks, at least guys are, for their haircuts. But the bigger question is, he is losing money on his golf resorts and his hotels. He makes money on the branding matters, as well as 'The Apprentice,' and then he deducts those losses off his federal income taxes? It's simply stunning that the president of the United States could have such a limited tax liability. It opens up all kinds of questions about, you know, income fairness, income inequality and who's paying their fair share. This is really stunning."

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