'Alexa, I'm getting pulled over': Amazon dashcam to record traffic stops
Highway Patrol (AFP)

Amazon's new security camera for cars unveiled Thursday will allow motorists concerned about a police stop to record the incident by saying, "Alexa, I'm getting pulled over."

The new $200 Ring Car Cam will automatically start recording on the voice command, store footage securely and notify a family member of the traffic stop.

The device by Ring, Amazon's home security unit, also includes sensors to monitor for bumps and attempted break-ins and will call for help in the event of a crash.

Unveiled at an Amazon product event, the device comes as the US tech giant faces criticism for sharing surveillance footage from home cameras with law enforcement.

The release was made amid heightened tensions over police conduct in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis earlier this year which sparked attention to other cases of law enforcement abuse and racial bias.