American woman blamed for dozens of COVID-19 cases after she went bar-hopping in Bavaria
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An American woman could be fined after German authorities blamed her for a coronavirus outbreak that sickened dozens.

The 26-year-old woman visited multiple pubs in the Alpine resort of Garmisch despite feeling symptoms from the highly contagious virus, and local officials believe she's responsible for numerous cases, reported The Local.

"The lady had symptoms, came to the test station and was told to stay in quarantine because of the symptoms, said city spokesman Stephan Scharf. "But she did not do so."

The woman, who lives and works in the area, had just returned from a vacation in Greece and was awaiting the results from a coronavirus test.

Health officials said 24 people have tested positive at the hotel where the American woman works, and the city of 26,000 experienced 37 cases on Saturday with a seven-day incidence of 54.

"From a medical point of view, a further significant increase in the number of infections in the district is to be expected", said the District Administrator's Office, which imposed new restrictions after the outbreak. "We want to shut down the nightlife that was the trigger."

Restaurants must now close at 10 p.m., and public gatherings were limited to five people.

Private events are limited to 50 people in closed rooms and 100 people outside.

Bavarian authorities may impose a €2,000 fine for violations of quarantine measures.