Anti-Trump group shows the race war the president has encouraged for four years
President Donald Trump told reporters at the G7 summit in France's Biarritz he had taken two 'very, very good' phone calls from Chinese officials. (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

A new video shows the shocking reality that people of color have faced since President Donald Trump's supporters have unleashed their fury on the country.

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters who founded the Really American PAC spliced together the outbreak of racism that has been captured on video and how it relates to what Trump has also said publicly about Black Americans, Latinos and the Chinese.

Trump's recent attacks on China for the coronavirus has increased attacks on Asian Americans to the tune of 2,120 incidents of hate between March and June.

“It was along the lines of, ‘Chinese bitch! You brought the virus here, you bitch!’ Before she could get closer to me, I walked faster away from her. While she still kept aggressively shouting at me, I was in so much fear that I started running. It was the first time I have ever felt like someone wanted to hurt me just because of the way I look,” recalled actress Dorothea Gloria, who is from the Philippines.

Watch the video from the ReallyAmerican PAC below: