Appeals Court slaps aside Trump lawyers' latest 'highly contrived' attempt to hide the president's taxes

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals is quickly running out of patience with Donald Trump's lawyers who are attempting keep Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance from having access to the president's taxes.

Noting that "the three judges on the panel appeared deeply skeptical of arguments by Trump attorney William Consovoy," the Daily News reports that Judge Pierre Leval called Trump’s attacks against Vance “deeply contrived.”

The report states, "Perhaps most significantly for Trump, Leval indicated that the only thing stopping Vance from enforcing his subpoena on Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars, was Vance himself. The DA has agreed with Trump to delay enforcement of the demand while Trump pursued appeals. The judge requested further briefing on the issue."

Judge Robert Katzmann also piled on the president for  claiming the the grand jury Vance is using to investigate the Trump Organization should be limited in scope, telling the president's attorney, "Grand juries, as you know, are given broad authority to do their work. Are you asking us to change the way grand juries have done their work for time immemorial just because someone is President of the United States?”

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