Boaters for Trump member says if president loses he’s ‘heading to the White House with the militia’
Boaters for Trump member Shawn Feeley (Photo: Screen capture)

Boaters for Trump have turned their passion into an excuse to float at sea as much as possible ahead of the election. But one superfan of President Donald Trump is ready to take his dedication even further.

Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times, Shawn Feeley said he's ready to go to war for Trump, but he's not signing up for the American military. He means the war for Trump.

“For me, it’s more like Trump risked his entire life to stand up for the country,” said Feeley, who works as a contractor. “He didn’t need money. ... He didn’t need fame.”

Feeley explained that he's never seen boats and flags catch on the way they have for Trump.

He was asked what he would do if Trump loses in November: “I’m still flying it. And I’m heading to the White House with the militia.”

See the full report at the Tampa Bay Times and see a video of the boaters below: