Chris Wallace yells at Trump after debate goes off the rails: 'Frankly, you've been doing more interrupting'
Chris Wallace moderates 2020 presidential debate (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News moderator Chris Wallace admonished President Donald Trump for repeatedly refusing to let Democratic nominee Joe Biden have the floor at Tuesday night's debate.

Nearly an hour into the debate, Wallace seemed to realize that he had lost control of the president.

"No!" Wallace exclaimed as Trump tried to talk over him. "The answer to the question is no!"

But the president refused to be silent.

"Stop!" Wallace yelled. "Gentleman! I hate to raise my voice by why should I be different than the two of you?"

"We have ended that segment, we're going to go to the next segment," the moderator explained, turning to Trump. "I think that the country would be better served if we allowed both people to speak with fewer interruptions. I'm appealing to you, sir, to do that."

"And him too," Trump insisted, referring to Biden.

"Well, frankly, you've been doing more of the interrupting than he has," Wallace shot back.

"But he does plenty," Trump pleaded.

"Well, sir, no, less than you have," Wallace observed.

Watch the video below