Chuck Todd calls Trump's attempted coup of the postal service a 'kerfuffle'
Chuck Todd (NBC/screen grab)

Chuck Todd, host of NBC's Meet the Press, referred to President Donald Trump's alleged attempt to undermine the United States Postal Service as a "kerfuffle."

Todd made the remarks while speaking to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Sunday.

"What did you learn from Michigan's experience?" Todd wondered. "You ended up with a high volume of mail-in ballots and obviously you've gone through a whole bunch of election changes since 2016 that you're going to be implementing for the first time."

Benson pointed out that Michigan voters had several options for casting their votes, from voting in person to mail-in ballots.

"I want to go to the postal service issue," Todd pressed. "You were pretty concerned about it at one time. Where are you now? Have you had reassurances from the postal service folks that you've dealt with since this kerfuffle began?"

Benson suggested that the state had created drop boxes "as a workaround" for potential problems with mail delivery.

"The changes in the postal service, if nothing else, have created confusion and chaos where none existed prior," she said. "And so the voter education and the confidence boosting we now have to do and will do to ensure voters feel confident that their vote -- if sent by mail -- is a key part of our work moving forward."

Watch the video below from NBC.