CNN reporter levels Kayleigh McEnany for claiming she ‘selectively edited’ Trump’s mask rant

Earlier this Wednesday, CNN's Kaitlan Collins confronted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany over Trump’s comments during an ABC News townhall where he said, “There are people who don’t think masks are good.” Collins pointed out to McEnany that “that’s clearly not what the CDC director thinks,” and followed up by asking if Trump is only choosing to cite “non-medical experts.”

McEnany accused Collins of "selectively editing" Trump's words -- an accusation that Collins addressed during a later appearance on CNN that day, saying that Trump is "contradicting himself."

"If the President had only been talking about people who improperly wear a mask, it would not be causing the kind of backlash that it is," Collins told CNN host Brooke Baldwin. "If he had said that it's a concern that some health experts have said, people would say that's right, but that was how the President responded to a question about why he did not institute a national mask mandate and why he so often chooses to not wear a mask, which some people say could set an example."

Watch the video below: