CNN's Acosta suggests segments about Trump's truths -- because it would take less time than fact-checks
Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump (CNN)

CNN's Jim Acosta noted that fact-checking President Donald Trump takes so much time that it may make sense to do "truth-telling" segments where they go over what Trump said that was true. Acosta noted that running through the fact-checks and the lies often take more time.

"Instead of doing fact-checking after these news conferences, you could almost do truth-checking," he told host Wolf Blitzer. "Because it would take you less time to pull out the true statements from Donald Trump. Falsehood after falsehood after half-truth after falsehood."

Trump has made well over 20,000 lies whine in office as of July, according to a Washington Post list keeping track. Trump also tends to repeat the lies multiple times, so individually it would make the numbers well over 20,000 lies.

See Acosta in the video below: