Conservative trashes GOP's 'nihilistic monsters' in scathing response to Woodward revelations
Bob Woodward appears on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher/Screenshot

The former spokesman for the Republican National Committee trashed his fellow conservatives for pretending that President Donald Trump's lies about the coronavirus don't matter.

Tim Miller, The Bulwark's writer-at-large and a veteran GOP consultant, says a jokey hashtag #NobodyCares he helped concoct to mock the disconnect between political junkies and regular voters had turned the party into "nihilistic monsters" in the Trump era.

"In the Age of Trump, a whole bunch of people on the right have taken the “nobody cares” pose and built it into an all-encompassing worldview," Miller wrote. "Instead of teasing political elites about how #nobodycares what they think, these lightworkers inside Conservative Inc. decided that if political elites cared about something then by definition it didn’t matter. At all."

"The result was LOL Nothing Matters Republicanism," he added. "A worldview where actions don’t have consequences, truth is no different than lies, and the act of offending the sensibilities of the political class is an end unto itself."

That mindset allowed Republicans to abdicate responsibility for themselves and the president, he said, and perpetuated a "mass delusion" that ignores Trump's tragic failures -- which were revealed for all to see in Bob Woodward's new book.

"Republicans — and ostensibly 'pro-life' Trump apologists — would have you believe that nobody cares about the words and actions of the country’s elected president which resulted in mass death of their fellow citizens," Miller wrote. "For these nihilists, the Gospel of Nothing Mattering is so deep-seated that they have made it both an irrefutable political reality and a moral imperative."

"It’s important to say, out loud, that they are wrong," he added.