Daughter of COVID victim says she couldn't compete with lies from Trump: 'The president betrayed him'
Kristin Urquiza and her dad Marc Anthony (Photo: Via Kristin's family)

Kristin Urquiza lost her father to COVID-19 when her father trusted that President Donald Trump was telling him the truth about the coronavirus.

She spoke at the Democratic Convention last month, revealing that her father's only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump.

"I am so enraged," she told CNN on Wednesday evening. "His words confirm that the president intentionally lied to the American public about the severity of this crisis. It's undeniable, and it's inexcusable."

Her father had gone to a karaoke bar with friends in late May, despite his daughter begging him not to. She said that he told her he knew the virus was still out there, but that Trump and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) said everything was fine. Why would they lie, she recalled him asking.

"Do you think things would have changed for your father if the president had said what he said to Bob Woodward to the American people as early as February and then consistently?" asked Erin Burnett.

"Absolutely," she said, explaining that her father was a follower of Trump. "He trusted him. And the president betrayed him and tens of thousands of other people across the United States. Listen, in late May, when the state of Arizona was opening up, I was telling my dad, look, dad, it's still not safe. And my dad's retort to me was, well, Kristen, I hear what you're saying, but why would the president and the governor say it's safe if it's not safe? I couldn't compete with the lies from the White House. And because of that, my father passed away. It is inexcusable."

She closed the interview by saying that it's time for Trump to resign.

Watch the powerful comments below: