Devin Nunes ripped for ‘racial fear-mongering’ in re-election bid by local newspaper columnist
Devin Nunes (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Rep. Devin Nunes was ripped in the pages of The Fresno Bee on Saturday by columnist Marek Warszawski.

"Devin Nunes wants you to think Black people are scary. What other possible takeaway can there be from the Tulare Republican congressman’s latest TV spot airing in the Fresno-Visalia market?" Warszawski wrote.

"Backed by images of violence, homeless camps and looting involving people of color, we get snippets of a speech by vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris the day after police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot Jacob Blake, a Black man who was unarmed," Warszawski explained.

He noted the ad takes comments by Harris out of context.

"Harris is clearly talking about peaceful protests. She is condemning violence and looting. Doesn’t matter. Nunes wants the viewer to think the biracial Harris and those dark-skinned mobs stand in solidarity. When in fact Harris is a former district attorney with a history of being tough on crime," he explained.

"That Nunes would engage in such racial fear-mongering in a year when civil rights issues are finally getting the national laundry-airing they deserve represents a new low. Which, for him, is saying something," he wrote.

"Nunes is an eight-term incumbent in a district drawn for an easy Republican victory. Thanks to his national profile, he has campaign money to burn. He doesn’t need to fear-monger and mislead to win in November," Warszawski noted. "Yet he can’t help himself. Which is what happens when a politician abandons his constituents and becomes the main character in his own Tom Clancy novel."