Donald Trump's most popular campaign ad on YouTube is an 'apocalyptic stew of manipulated video': analysis
US President Donald Trump says part of the problem with North Korea is Washington's troubled trade ties with China AFP / MANDEL NGAN

The Trump campaign, perhaps to distract from his 'his lackadaisical approach to the coronavirus pandemic,' is hyper-focused on attacking Vice President Joe Biden on China, in a YouTube video that already has more than 21.5 million views.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler -- with an assist from Meg Kelly -- did a deep dive into President Donald Trump's YouTube channel, where there are more than 900 videos, and concludes the anti-China/Biden attack ad in question "is a jumbled stew of allegations about Biden and China. It mixes images of closed factories, quotes from Biden and misleading claims about Biden’s son Hunter and his involvement with a Chinese investment fund."

"This ad tries to turn the tables, claiming that Biden is really in the pocket of the Chinese. But it makes its case with an astonishing collection of misleading, out-of-context clips — essentially a grand-slam-hat-trick of manipulated video," conclude Keller and Kelly.

Part of The Post's analysis of the ad can be viewed below:

As The Post video above and their analysis argues, the Trump campaign ad is filled with whoppers. "The Trump campaign could seek to have a serious debate over the right policy toward China, but instead it chooses to manipulate viewers with selective editing."

You can read their full analysis here (subscription required).