Ex-Trump staffer says it's only just beginning — more aides to the president will defect to back Biden
Miles Taylor Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Thursday, speaking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer, former Trump Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor weighed in on the Biden endorsement from Vice President Mike Pence's national security aide Olivia Troye.

"I'll tell you this, this is an absolute bombshell," said Taylor, himself a supporter of Biden. "Olivia Troye was the lead staff member on the COVID-19 task force at the white house. Her testimonial is the clearest evidence yet that the president botched the response and cared more about his re-election effort than he did the lives of Americans ... no matter what the White House is saying, they always thought she was a top-tier staffer, that's why they kept her there for two years. This is truly damning for the White House."

"You think we're going to be hearing from more Trump officials who, like you and Olivia, are going to be coming out and saying they can't support President Trump for re-election?" asked Blitzer.

"You will, Wolf," said Taylor. "Today we launched something called Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform. The acronym is RePAIR. It's focused on repairing the Republican Party post-Trump and repairing the country from the damage he's done. I'm proud to announce today this is the largest group of ex-Trump officials that have come out against the president. In addition to Olivia joining RePAIR, we had Josh Venable join us. He was Betsy DeVos' chief of staff at the Department of Education. I'm hoping you'll hear from them and other advisers in RePAIR in the very near future about what we need to fix from the Donald Trump presidency and how we get back on track."

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