Former FBI agent says there is a sinister plot behind Trump’s call for his supporters to vote twice
Donald Trump speaks at event in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump told North Carolina on Wednesday that they can vote twice, and that they should as a means of testing "the system." Not only is voting twice a felony, it's also a felony to encourage others to commit a felony.

North Carolina's secretary of state issued a statement telling voters as much, but it's unclear if they'll trust it over Trump's word.

But in a tweet Thursday, former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa explained that Trump's motivations are far more sinister than merely getting his facts wrong.

"My theory," she explained, "Trump knows he's going to lose in a fair fight. So he tells his supporters to vote twice, knowing some of them are dumb enough to try. When they get arrested, he'll claim that Trump voters are being targeted, deep state, rigged, etc. but Ds are getting away with 'fraud.'"

Former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance agreed, noting that it has become clear Trump doesn't intend to play fair in the 2020 election.

"Please identify trusted voices you can listen to to help identify and understand suppression and election fraud," she said. "Elections are run at the state and local level. We can have fair ones if we remain well informed and vigilant."