Fox News host shuts down GOP chairwoman's Biden 'basement' smear: 'He’s out on the campaign trail'
Sandra Smith speaks to Ronna Romney McDaniel (Fox News/screen grab)

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel on Tuesday attempted to falsely smear Democratic nominee Joe Biden for hiding "in his basement" -- but she was corrected by Fox News host Sandra Smith.

During an interview on Fox News, Smith grilled McDaniel over a Trump campaign decision to scale back ad spending in key swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

"Why scale back TV ad spending 49 days out from election day?" Smith asked.

For her part, McDaniel argued that Biden's advertisements are not working in some states.

"In every state that he's blanketing the airwaves, we've seen the president's numbers improve," she insisted.

Smith, however, pointed to a Trump campaign "cash crunch" as the culprit.

"We're knocking on a million doors a week, Joe Biden is knocking on zero," McDaniel said. "On top of the fact that we have a president that's out campaigning and Joe Biden continues to bunker down in the basement."

"He's out on the campaign trail now," Smith said, correcting the chairwoman. "I guess you could make the case that it took him a while but he is back out there."

Watch the video below from Fox News.