GOP strategists ‘alarmed’ by Trump’s campaign’s focus on Fox News ads instead of swing states: report
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump's campaign has been burning through millions of dollars to pay for ads on national Fox News broadcasts, while actually spending less money overall on ads aimed at local media stations in swing states.

As Politico reports, "the Trump campaign spent more money on national ads on Fox News in June, July and August ($9.4 million) than it spent on local broadcast TV in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin ($8.3 million)."

In contrast, Democratic rival Joe Biden's campaign spent roughly four times as much on TV ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over the same time period.

The publication writes that some Republicans are "alarmed" that Trump has spent so much on national Fox News ads, as Fox viewers are the ones most likely to already be with the president.

"News channels are big in Washington, D.C., but are swing voters... watching news channels?" one GOP strategist told Politico. "To miss out on that audience is pretty large."

"[The Trump campaign] keeps talking about their intensity level with their base, but they’re clearly paying for it,” said another GOP strategist. “To what degree are they paying for that intensity level to the detriment of a swing audience?”