He paid more in hush money for affairs than in taxes: Trump blasted for cheating the IRS for decades
President Donald Trump speaks to the press aboard Air Force One on September 7, 2018. (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

President Donald Trump was revealed as a tax fraud in a New York Times report Sunday evening. The report detailed the two years that Trump paid taxes; he only paid $750 each year. The self-described billionaire shows that he has nearly $500 million in debt.

Trump has built his career on the idea that he is one of the country's best businessmen. He even founded the show "The Apprentice" to promote his business expertise and pick the next big business expert. The Times reported Trump has earned more money by pretending to be a businessman than he has made actually developing business.

Ironically, Trump attacked former President Barack Obama for only paying 20% in taxes in 2012. Trump paid far less.

In 2016, Trump campaigned on the idea that a businessman in the White House was what America needed to rebuild an economy that former President Barack Obama had already rescued from what was, at the time, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. That crisis has since been revealed by the high unemployment due to Trump's failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump was mocked and attacked for stealing from the American taxpayer with millions in refunds, hefty hair-do fees, Ivanka Trump's makeup costs, paying off affairs and sexual harassment allegations and so many more scams.

Trump's supporters tried to claim that it was an example of the president's "genius."

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