'Hopelessly corrupt' Trump is a national security threat: Ex-FBI agent at center of Russia probe
(Image via AFP.)

In a new book coming out from an ex-FBI agent who was at the center of the government's probe of Donald Trump's campaign and its relationship with the Russians, the president is steeped in corruption and represents a national security threat to the U.S.

According to former senior F.B.I. agent Peter Strzok's book "Compromised," excerpted by the New York Times, "Mr. Strzok concludes that Mr. Trump is hopelessly corrupt and a national security threat" with the agent writing that the investigation into the president actions demonstrated Trump's “...willingness to accept political assistance from an opponent like Russia — and, it follows, his willingness to subvert everything America stands for.”

Strzok, who was forced out of the bureau over the investigation, said that texts he made with a fellow agent were at the center of his ouster and set off Republicans -- including the president -- on a wave of retribution.

“The reporting about my texts hadn’t only whipped Trump into a frenzy,” he wrote in his book. “It had also sent Republicans in Congress into a righteous peeve, giving them fodder for right-wing indignation that would eventually ferment into the deep-state fairy tale that would consume conservative media.”

Writing "It started with Russia, and it was always about Russia,” Strzok explains the agency was “investigating a credible allegation of foreign intelligence activity to see where it led,” before adding, "We needed to ask a question that had never before arisen in the entire 240-year history of our republic: whether the president of the United States himself might be acting as an agent of a foreign adversary.”

Strzok recalls his meeting with special counsel Robert Mueller and laying out the “dizzyingly complicated portrait of foreign interference,” explaining, "...on top of it all, at the pinnacle of this heap of perfidy and treachery, sat a president who had lied to the public, cozied up to Russia, and, once he became aware of them, attempted to block our investigation at every turn.”

The ex-FBI agent also admitted that he regretted sending the texts that gave the Trump administration an opening to undercut the investigation, writing that at the time of his firing, "After a quarter of a century in pursuit of the nation’s enemies, I had been deemed an enemy myself.”

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