Jaime Harrison says ‘I am living rent free in Lindsey Graham’s head’ — and he might be right
Composite image of Sen Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison (screengrabs)

Jaime Harrison, the Democrat challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham, on Monday said that his upstart campaign is panicking the incumbent.

Harrison was interviewed on MSNBC by "The Last Word" anchor Lawrence O'Donnell, who noted the most recent polling shows a tied race.

"Have you experienced any extra fund-raising surge over the weekend?" O'Donnell asked.

"Well, Lawrence, we have gotten tremendous support and we really appreciate it," Harrison replied.

"Do you believe you have the resources and the campaign team and the ground troops you need in South Carolina to actually pull this off?" O'Donnell asked later in the interview.

"Lawrence, the momentum is on our side," Harrison replied.

"You know, right now I am living rent free in Lindsey Graham's head right now because he understands that the people of South Carolina want something different," he explained. "It's been consistent in our polling that 57%, 58% of folks want somebody new to be their U.S. senator and they're going to get somebody who is going to focus on them and fight for them. Lindsey just wants to sit with Sean Hannity every night or fly around on Air Force One or golf with the president."

Indeed, during the same hour Harrison was on MSNBC, Graham was in fact on Hannity's show, where he begged viewers for donations.